Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka...Say it

Christmas here was merry, but it wasn't very bright. Skies were overcast with a few drizzles here and there. I took my longboard and my bike and headed to the beach. Waves were small, but I was grateful there was something to ride. After a short surf sesh, I traded the board for the bike. A took a short ride around Ala Moana beach park and snapped some pics of what it looked like at the beach on Christmas day. A little overcast, but we're grateful, and as Marilyn said "lucky we live Hawaii."

Christmas day @ Ala Moana beach park

Low tide

Checking out the reef at low tide and some stand up paddle boarding on Christmas @ the beach


The Hilton Hawaiian Village lagoon


Getting ready for the friday night fireworks put on by the Hilton

Ala Wai canal

That's where the canal empties

The weather the day after Christmas would have been picture perfect ON Christmas. I met some friends at the same beach park for a potluck style gathering. Surf was small but the weather couldn't have been better. What always makes these gatherings nothing less than awesome are the good food and the good people. "Just bring whatever" is the motto to follow with food. "Just bring whoever" is the motto to follow with friends. The menu that day included (just to name a few I remember): Costco pizza, grilled steak, smoked meat, pork rinds, pulled pork, salad, chinese noodles, grilled chicken, cubed raw Ahi called "Poke" (po-kay), potato chips, hummus, oh and of course some adult beverages. So as you can see, it's a free for all that makes for good times. After I conquered my appetite I met my friend Ryan, who is currently building his own fixed gear bike. He had to bring out the road bike this time. We met up at the beach park and rode around town. We were going to mash it down the main road that goes through Waikiki, but there was too much traffic. Headed to a local bike shop to pick up some lights for Ryan's bike. Next to the bike shop is a Porsche dealership that we walked around to admire the $80,000+ cars. Stopped by Fresh Cafe for a snack and found out there was an art show that night. The guy who does Linkin Park's artwork was showcasing his work. Unfortunately I didn't make it back for the show. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and I wish everyone a happy new year coming up.
Day after Christmas potluck

This Porsche is $120,000. That bike is Bad Ass

Porsche back lot

Back of Fresh Cafe

Getting ready for the art show

Friday, December 25, 2009

Movie Premiers and Christmas Lights

Last Thursday AlohaFixed premiered two movies at Fresh Cafe. One was "London to Paris" and the other was "The Revival." Fresh Cafe cleared out their parking lot and set up a projector and speakers, premiering both movies on the side of the neighboring building. It was cool to see so many riders (fixed) come out. I snapped some pics and captured some video. After the movie premiers I decided to check out the Honolulu City Christmas Lights. By this time it was about 11:30 pm. Not too many people were on the streets, the temperature was comfortable in the mid to high 60s, it was quiet, and over all a nice time to ride actually. Just like Dan was saying in his blog "Night Ride" (12/15/09). On the way home I got a little hungry from all that riding so I stopped at a little hole-in-the-wall called "Miki's." It's a popular with the late night crowd. Their operation is simple: plate lunches are $5.75 and you have about 5 choices to chose from. Canned drinks are .75 cents and they also have smaller fares like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I chose to get the Beef Stew and a can of Passion Orange juice. I have to make sure to bring my camera when I get food so I can share it with you folks! Anyway, hope you folks like the footage.

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope your Christmas is Merry and Bright!

Sweet cruiser outside of Fresh Cafe. Check out the seat and the handle bars!

Some of the guys that showed up for the premiere.

Fresh Cafe wall art.

More Fresh Cafe artwork

This is coolest Ramsey I know who works at Fresh.
The Fresh Menu


This guy rides with ONE leg! And can wheelie! Amazing...Inspirational!

To top it off, late night grindage from Miki's...Beef Stew plate: one scoop of rice, macaroni salad, pickled onions, and a can of Hawaiian Sun Passion Orange

Saturday, December 19, 2009

North Shore Fixation

Sorry this is a little late, but I've been kinda busy during the holidays along with adding on some extra days with work. Anyway, last weekend I took a trip up to the North Shore to tread a bike path that is located a few feet away from the beach along some world class surf spots. I was hoping the Billabong Pipeline Masters, the last of three jewels of the Vans Triple Crown of surfing, would be running that day, but unfortunately the contest was not running. The last day of the contest was that Monday. Here's some pics of my adventure. For some of you that have been to the North Shore you may recognize some of the photos.

Dole Pineapple fields on the way to the North Shore

Red Dirt

There's the ocean right down there.

Coffee trees

This bike path starts right after the infamous Waimea Bay where the Eddie Aikau big wave contest takes place.

Pit stop

Shark's Cove tide pools

It was a perfect day for the beach and the surf was a fun size

One of the best ways to get to all the surf spots is by bike. Whether you carry your board on a rack or under your arm.

On the bike path right in front of Pipeline

The Pipe Masters

Ehukai beach

Everyone's doing it...

There was actually a rescue that took place. A tourist had a difficult time getting back to shore.

Because the waves were so huge that week before, it moved the sand and created a sand bar

Another example of what the waves can do. This is at Sunset beach. You can usually walk straight down to the beach from the sidewalk/bike path.
Sunset Beach

Found a small hidden beach I wouldn't have known existed if it weren't for my bike!

A small tide pool and sand bar that I got to enjoy created from the huge waves the week before.

Waimea Valley
Waimea Bay