Monday, February 22, 2010

Mardi Gras and Lanai Wedding

I know, I'm late with the Mardi Gras pics. I just got back from a phenomenal wedding on Lanai. My good friends, the bride and groom, won a wedding worth $150,000! And I got to go! The wedding was held at the Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay, on the 12th hole of the golf course. The golf course you say?! Check out the pics and you'll see why. Bill and Melinda Gates got married at the same place. They rented the WHOLE ISLAND for their wedding! The whole island!!! As for MardiGras, it was my first downtown Honolulu Mardi Gras I've been too and it was nuts. Probably not as nuts as a city like New Orleans, but for Honolulu, it was crazy. Streets were blocked off, people were out and about, a few costumes here and there. I didn't see too many other people riding or that rode to the festivities though.

Through the eyes of some by the time I got there.

Plenty of good food!

Gimme some beeeeeeaaaads!

My parking spot

Clearing out...

Now that the festivities are over with, everyone moved to the bars.

Clean up

Amidst the chaos

Honolulu's Finest

Leaving HNL

12th hole at Four Seasons Manele Bay

Picture says it all


Tanya and Brett

Manele Bay

Lover's Rock

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Solo Sesh via AlohaFixed

The local fixed gear scene AlohaFixed...

Island Ride

I've been meaning to feature this since it went down...
A bunch of guys and girls came together and organized an island ride. Unfortunately there's not a road that takes you around the whole island. Don't know why. After their ride they had an afterparty/bbq at Manifest:

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Overdue (Night ride and Sony Open)

I apologize for being m.i.a! Last week two awesome events: 1) night ride through downtown. 2) Sony Open.
I met up with my friends Ryan and Jon. We've been talking about doing a night ride downtown and we finally did it. Ryan custom built his own fixed gear and brought that out, while Jon brought out his mountain bike. He's in the process of picking up/building his own fixed gear also. All that mattered was we got to ride. Meeting point was Fresh Cafe, previously featured in past blogs. (I really have to do a blog just on them). We rammed around the streets of Honolulu for a bit and decided to head downtown to a place called Manifest to grab a few beers before heading back. It was an awesome time with temperatures in the mid 60s and not too many cars on the streets. Ryan and Jon were also stoked about how free we could roam the streets. I'm still working up the skills to take some video while riding. Though it was the first ride, it definitely won't be the last.


Lock it up!


One of the many "characters" downtown that make riding at night fun.


Parking spot

@ Fresh



Post ride snack:
Bagel, chocolate chip cookies, steamed pork bun

Over the weekend was the PGA Sony Open. My first one and it was super fun to watch. It was definitely an experience being able to follow the pros from hole to hole while holding a cold beer in your hand. No cameras or phones were allowed into the course so I could only snap some pics of what was going on outside. I didn't realize how much pressure these guys are under with huge crowds watching every move they make! They were damn good! I don't golf, but I definitely admired the skill and patience you need to be good at the game. Overall, it was a great experience. I did have thoughts about how It would've been awesome to be able to jet through the course on my bike.

9th Hole

The weather was pretty nice I'd say...

The beach park right outside of the course. (Why-ah-lie)